Monday, February 9, 2009

My Flavor Of Food Snobbery mostly about me and what I'm willing to put in my mouth.

I eat whole foods. Usually organic. Usually locally grown fruit, veg and nuts. Why? Partly because they are healthier for me. Partly because I can as I live in California in an area which grows just about everything. Mostly because they simply taste better (once you allow your taste buds to remember what real food tastes like).

I eat real, whole oils and fats. I avoid sugar and other foods that adversely affect me (wheat, corn and some other grains). This does not mean I never eat them. But I know when and how I will pay the price if I do.

Yeah, I have a can or four...I'm not completely neurotic about this stuff it's just how my life evolved given my choices. But my pantry has very few boxes and cans. Most of my food comes in bulk or without packaging. I do most of my cooking from scratch. It's not difficult and (usually) doesn't take as long as advertised. It's worth it to me. It tastes better. And for this hedonist, it's gotta taste good or I spit it out.

I don't care what you eat. It's your body and you get to do what you want with it.

But that does not mean that I don't have opinions. (Gee...imagine that? A Leo with an opinion!)
And I have more than a few in the food and nutrition department.

And I do get a different kind of snobby then the just me snobby sort from time to time.

Just being honest.

Where does my impatient food snobbery show up?

-If you tell me that all sweeteners are the same
-If you tell me that eating canned veggies is the same as eating fresh.
-If you tell me that the only thing that matters in losing weight is the caloric count of a food
-If you tell me you are depressed or bi-polar and have to be on meds when you eat a diet that consists primarily of chemicalized shaiza...or that your ADD child is not affected by the abysmal lunch you pack for him...and you are unwilling to TRY to eat healthily before turning to meds that are dangerous
-When I hear that real food somehow doesn't taste as good as crap food
-Or that it's too expensive to eat healthy
-when people tell me their M.D. said it's perfectly OK to eat shaiza...when I know allopathy knows very little about food and how it works
-When people tell me that low fat foods are good for me...or margarine...or Splenda

And I know there are more. I'll be addressing all these in future posts, but mostly focusing on the fun stuff.

We are what we eat.

I want The Best for my body. That means I want it to taste better than just good. That also means I want it to be a good thing for my health.

I admit it. I am a food snob. But a cute one. Usually.

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Anonymous said...

Really nice to see this Gillette. And, I found myself giggling a bit this morning.

You snob you, lol.

Yanno, a most amazing change happened when I moved to Hawaii. My entire diet shifted to what I have always loved to eat the most....(raw) fish, fruits, green leafys, and pasta (or rice or noodles). Sans most meat except the occasional waterfowl.

Anyway...not since I was pregnant has my hair or my fingernails grown so ridiculously fast. I was a bit stumped at first, but I know it's directly attributable to a cleaner mode of eating.

Not that it was that bad before but...I am eating what my body seems to crave.

My biggest problem is scaling down my cooking for one.

Looking forward to more. *grins*


Warrior said...

You cannot as a sex blogger write about food with the phrase, 'what I am willing to put in my mouth' just isn't right. Now, what do you know about spirulina, and can you find me some and send it?

Warrior said...

Stop the press!
What are you talking about? I haven't eaten fast food since I was 21, and I am 41 now, ( aside twice in france.but only chicken)
I haven't eaten frozen food since I was 18 ( until about a month ago when it just seemed so practical, I can't grow veggies where I live). I never took pills or medicine, ( until last summer when my immune system decided it was buggered) even now I am pretty inflamed and I don't take pills, I know alcohol isn't a real subsition but it works for the moment.
The only tins we have are tomatoes. We have pickles, and olives in jars. We make our own bread,( not all the time) only use olive oil or sesame, (rarely), eat plenty of nuts and dried fruit but not enough, tons of fish, meat, and apart from Ice cream ( okay frozen food) our desserts are natural. Hmmmm I think I am going to enjoy this blog a lot, come and eat with us, I will give you a plate to spit on if you have to!...
Hugs and kisses.

Gillette said...

Hey, to find you here and thanks for being the first to comment on this blog! I wish I had some kind of award or something, but at this point the only thing I have to offer is a heartfelt thank you!

Yeah...I love it when we eat according to what feels right in our bodies. I have this theory, and it's going to be one post, that the places we live often provide us with the bounty our bodies need for that climate. And just to listen and see what it asks for.

Warrior- We have tons of spirulina here for sale in the US...and I'm close to one a lake in Oregon which has some of the greatest blue green algae on the plant. We can tawk.

I've read some of your menus...and yes. I'd come visit you to eat your food ANY time. I hope to be able to extend the offer real soonlike :) We have so much here. Truly blessed! I just went to the farmer's market the middle of winter. Carrots, Leeks, Kale, nuts, avocados, herbs, greens of all sorts and varieties, citrus of all sorts. So cool...

Greenwoman said...

LOL! You really are adorable. ((hugs))

Gillette said...

Aw, thanks, sweetie, as are you! Glad you're here.