Sunday, February 8, 2009

Good Day!

I've been blogging in the relationship/sex blog world for a few years now. I love food and consider myself a cute, unpretentious food snob. I've been thinking about starting a foodie blog for some time now. And we go.

The header art is by Frieda Kahlo. It's been cropped from her painting "Still Life With Parrot."

My intention is to combine art, food (both that I cook and from restaurants I may visit) and fun. I have no clue as to where this will go. Unfortunately I don't have a camera at this time (mine's broken and has not been replaced). So pics will have to be stock for the time being.



Greenwoman said...

The header is just perfect!!

Gillette said...

Thanks. I thought so, too.

Fusion said...

Good god! How many blogs can one woman have??? ;)

Gillette said...

Teeeeheee...maaaaaaybe four. Booger.