Sunday, July 19, 2009

Peachy Crepes

I wanted to wait to share more recipes until I have a camera.

But it's peach season, man.'s just gotta share.

So can find the wheat free crepe recipe here. It's the peachy part I wanted to share today.

If your peaches aren't as good as mine (cuz I live in peach growing heaven here) or are over or underripe, you can cook them up. Just peel, then slice them. Put them in a pan with butter and a bit of lemon juice (so they don't get all brown if that's an issue for you). Put in some salt, a bit of stevia or some syrup and lots of cinnamon. Cook the peaches but watch that you don't overdo them. I've tried cooking them with coconut oil, but there's some sort of reaction with the pectin that grosses some people out. I thought it OK, but whatever.

Put the peaches in a crepe, top with plain Greek or regular yogurt and some roasted pecans. Might want to add some syrup if you didn't in the cooking phase as it adds a nice flavor.

If you have perfectly tree ripened peaches like I do you won't want to cook them. Why mess with perfection?

But I do like to add a bit o' further pizazz with my uncooked peach crepes (the ones I had this very morning, in fact).

Instead of just plain pecans to top the fresh peaches and yogurt, I toast pecan pieces until brown (well...they end up kinda black in some places just about every time, but that's OK by me). I then add butter, vanilla and syrup. Cook until the syrup is warmed and gets kinda gooey. I've decided to call these Southern Pecans because they remind me of pecan pralines, which reminds me of plantations around New Orleans.

But whatever you wanna call them, try them cuz they're yummy.

Bon appetite on a perfect Sunday morning made even more so with Peach Crepes.
peach pic from here.

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Anonymous said...

Oh YUM! I love in peach growing heaven as well, believe it or not. One of those things along with fresh roasted green chiles that I would crawl on my knees for.
Now I have something to do with the ones on my kitchen table.