Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What's Fer Dinner, Honey? Burritos!!!

I live in a household with two different eating patterns. One is mine, the flavor of which is slowly developing on this blog. The other is my Man. I'll call him "D" on here. He's a meat and potatoes guy. A before-his-heart-attack-last-year-no-vegetable-eating-guy.

Since that ever so fun episode, things with him are changing. It's been a fun challenge to get him to shift his diet in a way that supports better heart health. I've been easing him gently. Even though I have always been snarky and a brat to him about his eating patterns,* I have great compassion for him because he has to change the way he loves and is accustomed to eating. As I've said to him: I'd be really attituded if all of a sudden someone told me the only thing I could eat was cow meat.

Even though his eating habits have drastically changed, we still eat separate meals. Well...we often eat at the same time, but what we eat is very different.

For instance, last night, I had Salmon, Herbed Roasted Sweet Potatoes and a my favorite salad of mint and other goodies which I'll share soon.

He had burritos.

He luuuurrrrvvvves burritos. I love how easy and quick they are.

You'll need:

Protein- I always use chicken for him, although beef or turkey would be fine, too. If I was using tofu I would get the ultraultraextra firm sort (as I hate the squishy stuff)
Refried beans (this could be enough of the protein for most people. But not him)
Tortillas- as he's a Big Boy I get the gungahumungous ones.
Cheddar Cheese
Tomato sauce
Spices- Chili powder, powdered cumin, onion and garlic granules, orgegano

Sautee chicken/meat/protein. When done, slice, dice and shred with knife and fork. Return to pan. Add tomato sauce and spices...lots...plus a can of water. Let this all simmer until the sauce is thick
Heat beans. Shread lettuce, cheese. Slice tomatoes in smallish cubes.
Heat tortilla until soft (this is important so it doesn't tear when folded)
Put a layer of protein on the right side of center, leaving about 2/3 of the tortilla empty to the left of it and about a quarter to third empty at the bottom (damn I wish I had a camera).
Top with beans, then cheese, then lettuce, then tomato. Watch that it doesn't get too very much stuff as it will be a bitch to roll.
When the perfect amount is on there, roll the bottom up and hold it there. Then take the edge of the wrap and roll the stuff toward the other side of the empty tortilla. I usually put the burrito face down so it doesn't unroll and flop all over the place.

I don't usually eat burritos because of the wheat in the tortilla. Trader Joe's has a wonderful rice flour tortilla. But/and...it doesn't soften up too much and stiff burritos just don't make it. Plus I kinda got used to eating just the guts, sans tortilla a bowl. I didn't eat them last night as I had had a veggie bowl earlier that day for breakfast so was in the mood for the salmon that had to be eaten before it went bad.

But if I had been inclined to eat Mexican last night, I would have made rice in the same way I did the protein...in other words, cook it then add tomato and the spices. Instead of the alium granules, I would have used fresh onion and garlic (he likes the flavor of them but hates the texture). I would have then heated up some black beans. I would have made a salsa fresca (which is so easy to make, cheap and way better than store bought...will share that soon, too) with tons of fresh cilantro. Heap in some avocado and voila.

The good news about this dinner is that it's fast. If I had eaten, the rice would take some time, but often I have it in the fridge to use as needed. The other takes about a half hour to do everything if you slice and dice while the chicken is cooking, beans warming. If I had company and was serving more courses, I would probably add a jicama salad with lime, red onion, cabbage, cilantro and cayenne.

*As any self respecting food snob would.


Loving Annie said...

Try these :
1 Lb. ground turkey breast
small can of vegetarian beans
SMALL can of diced tomatoes with green pepperS
6 diced celery sticks
package of Schilling powdered peppercorn seasoning (or whatever seasoning flavor he likes the best)

They really are awesome - and quite healthy too !

Gillette said...

Thanks, Annie!