Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Breakfast Hash

Noooo, silly goosies...not THAT kind of hash!!! The food kind (and no, not the food kind that comes from that kind of hash butter, either).

The kind of hash you used to (and probably still) get at Greasy Spoons but all dolled up and spiffified into healthy eats. Almost the same thing as a Breakfast Scramble, I delineate the two as follows: Scrambles always have eggs (or tofu if you don't eat them). I may or may not include eggs in a hash, but always include a sort of starch (regular or sweet potato) or grain. They are, in fact, great for using up those small bits of leftover grains or taters.

Rice and quinoa are both good. I'm sure barley, rye, millet or any of the other wonderful grasses of the earth would work really well, too. But barley and rye affect me the same way wheat does and while millet is OK, it does not give me orgasms. The grain that does is Steel Cut Oats. I cook them on the "al dente" chewy side so they fluff instead of goo. Plus, we know me and chewy. Vital stuff.

This morning's version:

Sautee leeks, kale, garlic, mushrooms in olive oil. I steamed them a bit so they wouldn't stick.
Add the precooked oats (if cooking fresh, I usually make a fair amount so they are handydandy for other meals) and stir until all combined.
Turn off stove. Add tamari/soy sauce, lots of fresh dill and cilantro. Add sprouts (my mix was home sprouted garbanzos, azukis, black beans, lentils). Mix up so all is coated and hashy.
Put in bowl. Add avocado slices, chilies, and chunked almonds.

Although I didn't have an egg this morning, I often do an over-medium egg and lay it on top so that the gooey goodness of the yolk flows over the hash.



Loving Annie said...

Well made breakfast hash with eggs is a treat :)

Gillette said...

It is, isn't it, Annie. I've never had "real" hash, though. It wasn't a family thing when I was growing up and I stopped eating meat before I left home.

But I sure do like this hash. Indeed!

VJ said...

No, not really Hash per se. Not even close, but hey, it's your kitchen and you can call it what you like. It does sound a bit 'hashy', as in 'mixed up'. I was listening to this at the time, 'In that awful hungry hash house where I board' the Norman Blake version. It's quite peppy. The lyrics are very old, but they're here: It's attributed to the Stoneman family, which means 1920 or there about. [http://www.traditionalmusic.co.uk/old-time-music/old-time-songs/old-time-songs-A.htm]

Look for the 2001(?) Norman & Nancy Blake version of the 'Awful hungry hash house where I board!' Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

Gillette said...

Hey, hey, hey, VJ...how fun to hear your voice after all this time. Hope all goes well with you! Thanks for the link, as always!

VJ said...

Been busy, some of it with lawyers & such too. Always a treat. But trying to keep up. Cheers & Good Luck in all your new adventures! 'VJ'